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Mujin Wakusei Survive [entries|friends|calendar]
Mujin Wakusei Survive

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Howarla fanart-A Shrubbery? [21 Jan 2011|03:49pm]


Go to my journal to see a larger version
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Post-Canon fic drabbles [17 May 2010|10:37am]

[ mood | pleased ]

Like most people, I have my own post-canon ideas, and these drabbles kind of follow that. But they're not set very far past when the group returns from Survive, so if you can manage some Bell/Sharla, they shouldn't bother you much.

two drabblesCollapse )

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Other shows like MWS? [25 Nov 2009|01:54am]

[ mood | excited ]

Hey guys, I'm on the brink of finishing my first viewing of Uninhabited Planet Survive (Ep 44 and counting!) and I absolutely LOVE it! Since I'm so close to the end of the series, I was wondering if I could get some recommendations of titles similar to this one - to, y'know, fill the void this awesome series will leave in my heart. :p

I dunno, just something fun like this with an awesome ensemble cast?

Thanks in advance!!

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[17 Aug 2009|03:07am]

I posted recs list for some japanese fanart sites for Mujin Wakusei Survive.

Check it out here.
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fanfiction [06 Apr 2008|08:09am]

[ mood | dorky ]

It's been awhile since I've updated anything here...

here is a short ficlet I did for 31_days
x-posted from 31days

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let's download MWS [14 Sep 2007|11:09pm]

[ mood | tired ]

I can see that there might be someone who's still seeking for the 52 episodes of MWS. so here it is.


you can download it as bit-torrents. it took me almost a month to finish, but it's totally worth it!

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Hi,I'm new here [26 Aug 2007|01:52am]

[ mood | happy ]

hello, everybody! *waves* I can't believe there's so many people love UPS! I was just desperately searching the Google as usual and one day I ended up here. I was so glad! 8D after I made sure this place isn't dead, I'm now so happy~ *happy dances*

I love Kaoru as you guys can see, almost an obsession. there're like 30 screen captures that I capture by myself in my PC. and 25 of them are Kaoru. ^^"

I will definitely post something here. like, funny fanfics my freind and I made up or some funny screencaps. but that'll have to wait. it's 2AM and I need to sleep. G'night!

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[06 Jun 2007|01:46am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

These last two weeks have been pretty good (despite the breakneck pace). What does that have to do with Survive? Well, on Saturday last week (so about a week and a half ago), I finally got my grubby claws on a few goodies that might be of interest to you.

Fun things hide behind me!Collapse )

But that is not all I bring to offer. I also made more icons! (And they're in a shiny table, too!) Same rules as before: no comment or credit necessary, just don't claim them as your own. Otherwise, they're free to be used, abused, and enjoyed! I'm still open to do requests, if anybody has a(n) idea(s)! Suggestions and (genuine) constructive criticism are welcome! More can be seen here.

Iconses!Collapse )


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[16 Apr 2007|07:49pm]

Okay *wheeze-breathe*

I have one chibi(cute) KaoruxLuna and the prologue to my KL fanfic, that I am working on...

First off, I am no way a perfect artist, nor a perfect writer... so please be kind *bows*

Thinking of You :: IMGCollapse )

Drive You Mad :: FICCollapse )

There X_X I will more than likely load my fanfic to FanFiction.net... because it is sadly lacking a lot of MWS!! ;^;
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Seems this place isn't quite as dead as I feared. In that case... [07 Apr 2007|10:00pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]


I'm another kinda new Survive fan... I've watched the whole thing (the high from the last episode lasted several *hours* XD) except for the specials. I was introduced through my college's anime club and completely fell in love and tracked it down for myself. Umm... lessee... I've made a few simple icons and other image things. I don't think there's anything spoilery so... You can see them hereCollapse )

Does anybody here play Sims 2? I've made sims of the main humans. If anybody's interested, I can try to upload them to ModtheSims2 (once I figure out just what custom content I used so I can credit and whatnot...).

So yeah. Nice to meet you!

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[02 Apr 2007|07:58pm]

Hello, new fan of MWS, I am also almost done too Episode 49 tomorrow. But here are three icons-

3 icons behind cutCollapse )

I will sometime be posting some KaoruxLuna ficcage & some fanart, KL & anything! =3
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Fiction [03 Apr 2006|11:13pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Hi! I just wanted to pimp a Mujin Wakusei Survive fiction I wrote a while ago, in reaction to the utter lack of Kaoru/Luna fic out there. And then discovered just how hard it was to make anything romantic between the two of them *sheepish grin*

Set after Kaoru's backstory episode, when the two of them are in the cave together.

Accepting His Revelation.

And, well, hello!

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[17 Dec 2005|08:04pm]

[ mood | grrrr... ]

A Little Note.. If anyone has joined the MWSurvive Fanlisting or the KaoruxLuna Fanlisting, please re-apply.. Sorry about this! My e-mail decided that anything from the fanlisting was spam and deleted it all. XP *sigh* I'm REALLY REALLY Sorry! It's all fixed now, though. =D

Oh, and because I dont want to look like i'm spamming, i'm posting a wallpaper! =D


..and a little note for all of you who dont know- there's going to be a THIRD special (one was the recap of episodes 4-12, the second is not translated in english but features clips from when Luna is ::Spoiler:: On Earth ::End Spoiler::).. I'm not quite sure what this one is about. ^-^; [Here] is the link.

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Hiyas! [17 Dec 2005|12:18pm]

Hiya, all! I've been watching this LJ for a while, but this is the first time i've posted.. =D

Just to let you all know- Howard Burgers (the first Fanlisting for MWSurvive) has been inactive for over a year now, and hasn't renewed it's application to the Anime Fanlistings Network.. So, I hope you all dont mind that I picked up the job.. ^-^; I hope I do a good job. Any suggestions or comments or even contributions would be really helpful! <3

You can find it here: [Link]
(Although it has been approved, it's not listed yet)
...and for all you LunaxKaoru fans, I made the Fanlisting for them too! [Link]
(This one has not been approved yet)
I'd be glad to make one for a certain Character if you'd like to give me suggestions. =D (Thinking of a Howard one..?)

I am also working on a Fansite, but it wont be done until (hopefully) next year. So, I hope you all be looking foreward to that. >=3

I also have a Anime Layouts Site, [Here] that offers one Survive layout, one banner, a few signs and a few avatars. I have two more layouts coming up as well. I hope to make more in the future! Requests are excepted if you'd like to put one in!

Feel free to contact me through e-mail or such if you have any comments or suggestions! I hope you all have a very nice holiday vacation. ^_^

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Survive Wallpaper #2 - Luna & Chako [21 Aug 2005|07:24pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

I liked doing my first wallpaper so much that I decided to do another. I hope you like it, too...

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Wallpaper - "Uninhabited Planet Survivors" [15 Aug 2005|09:06pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

I got tired of Minitokyo.net not having any Survive wallpapers, so I decided to make one of my own. Looks like there would have to be more than one for the show to get a category there, though. Otherwise, stuff just gets sent to the "Other" category. What's up with that?

Anyway, it may not be at Minitokyo, but here it is for all of you. Enjoy...

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[15 Aug 2005|09:42pm]

Only just noticed the existence of this community - probably because I'm not much of a "joiner" and hadn't looked. However, I made a "kaoru" amv recently which I've been sharing with my flist and it eventually occurred to me that someone who'd actually watched the anime might like to see it as well! Anyway, it's here (unzipped, so right click to save please):

Kaoru's story

It's all based on ep 23 and is 100% spoilerish for Kaoru's back story. Music is by Johnny Cash. Video quality isn't brilliant because I was working from the subs but it's watchable.
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AMV [20 May 2005|09:01pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Just thought I'd post here... I made an AMV for Uninhabited Planet Survive - more specifically, a tribute to the girls of UPS. The song is Madonna's "What it Feels like for a Girl (dance remix)". The video has clips from various scenes in the anime, though, so there are spoilers all over the place.

You can get it at animemusicvideos.org here if you're a member, and on my webspace here if you aren't. The webspace link won't be available forever, though...

In any case, if you download and watch, I'd like to hear your thoughts on the video, too!

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[07 May 2005|09:06pm]

I don't know if anyone noticed, but the screenshot site I made for Uninhabited Planet Survive was deleted yesterday since Angeltowns decided not to offer free sites any more.

I also have paid webspace with Angeltowns that I wasn't using much of, so I re-uploaded the site there.

The new address is: http://www.angeltowns2.net/aphrael/UPS

Just so you guys know.

EDIT: I've moved again. The old site appears to still be there (probably because Angeltowns hasn't gotten around to removing it yet), but any and all updates (I'm way behind with requests, eep!) will be made to the new site: http://survive.hiddenlegacy.net
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Howard/Sharla snippet--Rose [07 May 2005|12:17am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hi! I'm just here to share fic for this awesome anime--and many thanks again to silverthunder for pimping it out to me. EDITED TO ADD: spoilers for ep. 43

RoseCollapse )

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